Why and How We Should Date our Daughters

Dads, dating our daughters is not a new concept. But it is a crucial one for the strength of your relationship and the development of our precious daughters.  Dating our daughters is a way to show love, spend time, and give encouragement.  Maybe you’ve never done this and wonder if it’s worth it.  Here are 3 reasons why we should date our daughters and 3 tips for getting started on the right foot.

  1. Your daughter needs to know you care about her.  She needs to feel special in your eyes.  Meg Meeker, author of Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters, says “Instead of saying, “I love you because you’re so beautiful,” tell her that you love her because there is no one else in the world like her.” Telling your daughter you love her is important; showing her you do even more so.
  2. She should learn from you how she should be treated.  If you show her apathy, neglect or, even worse, disrespect, she’ll come to believe that’s how she should be treated by all men.  Respect from Dad leads to self-respect and to setting the bar for other future relationships. Be the kind of guy you’d want her to be with when she’s older. Model what a gentleman should be like.
  3. She needs to know how our Heavenly Father feels about her.  Remember, there is only one perfect father, and that’s God the Father.  We can’t be the perfect dad but we can point her to the one who is.  Don’t forget your mission is to not be the perfect parent but to point her to Jesus.

Ready to get started?  Here are 3 things you can do to make your date with your daughter special.

  1. Dress Up.  Put in the extra effort of putting on a collared shirt and taking her somewhere nicer than McDonald’s.  You wouldn’t take her mother out with such little effort and your daughter deserves nothing less.
  2. Bring a gift.  Flowers. Candy. Something more special like jewelry or a trinket for her to help remember the occasion.  You aren’t buying her affection but you are saying she’s worth the time and effort. 
  3. Make the conversation about her.  Talk about what she wants to talk about.  Really listen to what she has to say.  Give her your undivided attention.  Use this opportunity to encourage her.  

As she grows up, these regular dates with her will surely be some of her most treasured memories. And she’ll know she’s loved, valued, and appreciated for who she was made to be. Special dates like Valentine’s Day or her birthday are a great time to start, but any night could be date night for you and your daughter. 

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