Empowering Our Sons to be Godly Young Men

My wife and I are blessed to have two sons, both in their early adolescence. Both are unique individuals. Our elder son is obsessed with tractors and how farming equipment works. He’s very mechanically gifted with a spirited personality. The younger is more quiet and reserved and loves to help cook meals for the family. 

Being a parent to sons is one of our most treasured gifts. We’ve been given the sacred duty to raise boys into men who will exhibit godly character and wisdom. Raising boys is not a one size fits all endeavor. What one son needs in parental reassurance the other naturally exudes in confidence. God created them as individuals and we must guide and grow them individually. 

One on one time with each of them is crucial. Many of us would say we know our kids, but how well do we really know them? As children grow, their interests, likes, and preferences change. Regular check-ins help us keep tabs on their most basic “about me” information. 

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it is a natural time for us to show love and extra care to our children. Moreover, it is an opportunity to empower your son to be a strong young man of God. Use the opportunity to take your son out for some quality one on one time. 

Here are 3 tips for creating lasting and impactful memories while parenting your young men. 

  1. Take an interest in him

As I mentioned earlier, one of my sons is mechanically inclined. He loves to work with his hands. He gets excited about going to the hardware store. This is not natural for me and we don’t share a connection in this regard. Even so, I try to listen to him explain the ins and outs of tractor engines and encourage him to foster the necessary skills that this hobby requires. 

This is about really seeing and hearing our kids. Ask good and thoughtful questions. Spend time doing what he loves. We could go sit in a dark movie theater together and be content but what does that add to the overall conversation? Rather, join him in his hobbies, whether it be sports, the arts, or anything in between. Find a way to participate with him. 

  1. Give him a Call to Action

Boys are by nature action takers – hidden in their hearts is a young warrior. Give him a call to action. Encourage and empower your son to rise to a challenge. Take him on an adventure. Take him camping, hiking or some other activity that is out of his everyday element and requires the use of both body and mind. 

Giving him a call to action will engage him in a fresh way. Make it a special time for him. For centuries, young men have had to go through rites of passage into manhood.  Our young men today deserve the same and they are capable of rising to the challenge. 

  1. Model Biblical Manhood

This one is for fathers and male role models. Model biblical manhood for him. When my elder son turned 13 we had all the godly men who have been a part of his young life write him personal letters encouraging him and teaching him how to have godly character. We also presented him with a ring with our family’s coat of arms on it as a seal of his sonship. We look forward to doing the same thing this year when our younger son turns the same age. 

These letters will serve as reminders for years to come that godly men in his life have cared about him and have exemplified for him how to live a good godly life. 

What will you do to give your son individual attention? What will you do this year for your son to show him not only your love but the love of his Heavenly Father and empower him to step up to the challenge of being a young man of God? Our sons are full of potential. It is our aim as parents to see them realize that potential. So don’t be passive with your son. Take action and they will follow.

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