4 Things to Freshen Up Your Ministry in the New Year!

About once a year my wife will turn to me and say, “Okay. It’s time to purge. What are you getting rid of?” We then begin going through our bedroom closet and pile up all the clothes we’ve not worn in the past year or are ready to get rid of. Invariably, we always find plenty of items to donate, trash, or sell. 

The new year brings with it an opportunity to start with a clean slate, to try new things, and push our ministries forward. Anytime our ministries grow stale from repetition or stagnant from using worn out materials, it is time to purge, time swap out the old with the new, and time to spruce up our spaces. 

Here are 4 things that will freshen up your kids ministry in the new year.

1. Give your space a new look.

Maybe it’s just a fresh coat of paint on the wall or a new stage design (for those of us blessed to have that kind of space) that will make your kidmin space look like new. But it could be as simple as new posters on the walls or rearranging the furniture. Any change in environment will break the stagnancy and create excitement for your kids as they walk into a different atmosphere. Breathing new life into your kidmin space could breathe new life into your ministry.

2. Clean out that supply closet.

I recently did this and was amazed at the things in the back of the closet that we weren’t utilizing. We were missing out on some exciting games and fun crafts all because the supplies were stuffed in the back of the closet and went unseen. When I introduced these new activities into my curriculum, the kids had a blast. Overall engagement skyrocketed for me. I even found an entire box of kids Bibles I was able to use in my small group time. A simple clean out can do wonders for your ministry. 

3. Introduce new music and/or games into your large group worship time.

Kids love repetition. They love to sing their favorite songs over and over again. But eventually, the songs they loved and anticipated in worship feel old and tired. Introducing new worship music to your rotation will build excitement and engagement. 

The same is true for the games you play. I’m not the best at coming up with games for large group time so I recruited a local PE coach who was a member of our church to come in and give that time a facelift. The kids love him and his new activities! The older group who used to sit out were now in the thick of the action. 

4. Invest in your own personal development.

Your ministry will only grow at the rate of your own personal growth. The more you learn the more you can teach others. Take the time to invest in yourself this year. Your ministry will reap the rewards of a leader who is always looking to take that next step. This is true for both your spiritual growth and professional development. 

One of the ways you can continue to grow is to subscribe to ministry blogs like this one. Read a book. Set professional goals for yourself this year. Your families and kids look to you for leadership. Don’t show up empty handed.

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