Discipling Your Kids Through Bible Study

I recently started a children’s Bible Study with some of my church kids. Every Thursday I meet with 11 kids ranging from Kindergarten to 6th grade. We meet for 2 hours just to study the Scripture. 

Now you may be thinking,  “That’s a long time for kids to endure a Bible study! Don’t they get bored or fidgety? Why do you meet for so long? How much can they retain anyway?” 

The idea to start a kids Bible study arose from a need for homeschool kids whose moms were attending their own Bible study during the same time. Rather than simply placing them in a childcare situation, we decided to be intentional with the time we have with them to dive deeper into the Bible.

Yes, I was also worried I would not be able to hold their attention for 2 hours. Maybe they’re too young for a deep and intense Bible study. However, it’s quickly beginning to become the highlight of my week! I’ve discovered we too often underestimate a child’s capabilities to learn Scripture.  

Psalm 145:4 says, “One generation will declare your works to the next and will proclaim your mighty acts.” It is our God given responsibility to declare the works of God to the next generation. That means going to the Scriptures with them regularly. And, in turn, we also learn a lot from discipling our kids. 

Here are 3 things I am learning from my weekly kids Bible study.

1. If they can read, they can read the Bible.

Every week, these 11 kids sit at tables in front of me and open their Bibles. Each of their Bibles varies in size, color, and translation. When one of them reads the verse we are on, several others pipe up and say, “That’s not what mine says!” And they proceed to read from their translation and we compare the different versions together. 

This has been kind of incredible to watch. We are able to go even deeper into the Word because we are using all kinds of translations. Rather than me simply explaining my interpretation of the Scripture from my Bible, we are discovering it in a deeper way together. 

Some of my younger ones are new to reading, but they are learning just as much as the older kids.  All of the kids are engaged in the discussion. They are asking questions. They are voicing their thoughts. They are expanding their understanding of what the Bible is saying. 

2. It’s never too early to learn Bible literacy.

Bible reading is a skill that can be learned at a very young age. Sadly, many adults do not know very much about their own Bibles. These kids are getting an excellent head start!

I’ll admit that much of our Bible study time is spent helping them find where we are in the Scriptures – and that’s totally okay!  I ask questions like, “Is this book in the Old Testament or the New Testament?  What book comes before or after it?” I remind them that the Chapter is the “big number” and the verse is the “little number.” 

Even the younger ones are learning that Psalms can be found if you open up your Bible in the middle. 1 John is near the end of the book. Deuteronomy is near the beginning. Bible literacy can be learned at any age if we make the effort. 

3. Discipling kids brings us greater joy.

This last point is a little selfish in nature. I have received greater joy from building relationships with these kids and going deeper in their faith with them. Now, as a children’s pastor, I’m teaching kids Bible lessons several times a week. The lessons are shorter and cover one brief passage of Scripture. However, going through this Bible study has pushed me deeper in my personal walk with the Lord. Much of what I’m teaching I have written myself, so it’s caused me to spend more time in personal study of the Word. 

I am fulfilling His calling on my life to disciple the next generation. As much as I enjoy teaching during Sunday services, I can only go so deep with my kids when there are 50+ in the room.  I can only go so far in each of those relationships.  I work to equip my leaders to go deeper but this Bible study has allowed me to take a small group of kids and do what the Lord has ultimately called me to do – be a disciple maker. There is no greater privilege and no greater joy.
If you’d like to know what I’ve been teaching, leave me a comment below. If there is interest I’ll share some of the material. Special thanks to Brian Dembowczyk for his amazing resource Cornerstones. It’s been a tremendous source of light for this journey.

2 responses to “Discipling Your Kids Through Bible Study”

  1. Hey Jacob i’m a member at your dads church. I am very impressed at the things you are doing for what we call our future church (our kids). I have a 2 year old grandson is there anything you can share with me that will help me teach him about the Bible?


    1. Hey Amy, It’s important to read the Bible to kids even at the young age of your grandson. There are plenty of storybook Bibles to choose from but my favorite is the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones. There is also a series of books called Little Blessings by Kathleen Long Bostrom with titles like “What is God Like?” and “What is the Bible?” that are perfect for his age.

      You can also check out my ebook for toddlers and preschoolers called “What is Worship?” on Amazon. Unfortunately, it is not currently available in print format but you can still purchase the digital version to read to him. It’s on sale for .99 currently. Thanks for reading!


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